Is there a God?, Sept. 20-Sept.26

 Acts 17:16-34, Psalms 19, Romans 12



Logic—- Creator, Acts 17:24 (Psalms 19)

Something exists

Nothing cannot cause something

–So Something independent exists eternally


Science— Life Giver, Acts 17:25-26 (Romans 1)

Design implies a designer

The universe manifests complex design

–So there is an intelligent Designer

Experience —- Reachable, Acts 17:27-28 (16, 22-23)

Millions of people have experienced God

If one experience is valid then God exists

It is highly unlikely that all are deceived

–So there is a personal God.

Ethics — Moral Being, Acts 17:29-31 (Romans 2)

Morality implies a morals-maker

Humans exhibit universal morality

–So there is a moral Being


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