God Is Coming, Nov. 12-18

Malachi 3:13-4:6

Discussion Questions

  1. Read Mal. 3:13-15. How can you identify with the statements, or how have you identified earlier in your life?
  2. How do you feel about your name being written on God’s scroll of remembrance, about being God’s treasured possession, about being a child of God?
  3. Read Mal. 4:1. What will happen to the arrogant and evildoers on the Day of the Lord?
  4. Read Mal. 4:2-3. What will it be like for the righteous on the day of the Lord?
  5. Read Mal. 4:4-6. God calls us to remember his Word and repent. Have you ever repented of your sin and trusted in Jesus Christ to save you? Are you sure of your eternal destiny? Why or why not?
  6. The name Malachi means messenger. How could you be a better messenger of Jesus’ love? With whom could you share his love this week?
  7. What have you most enjoyed in our study of Malachi? What has God taught you?

What’s Happening

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Adopt an angel from the trees in the lobby.

Wells of Joy

Sponsor a child from the angel trees or online anytime.

Operation Christmas Child | Boxes due Nov. 12

Baby Dedication

Our next Baby Dedication services are Sunday, Nov. 26. The Baby Steps Class for Parents on Nov. 18 is required for parents wanting to participate. Register today.

Estate Planning Workshop

Join us Nov. 18 at 11:00 am for a 90 minute Estate Planning seminar where you’ll learn about having your estate planning done free of charge! Financial Planning Ministry provides estate planning services, including the creation of wills and living trusts, by assisting in the creation of personal estate plans. Register online.

Run High School Conference

Join us for a weekend of fun, games, and amazing teaching from our speaker, Jon Ewton! We’ll stay at the church, spending time in God’s Word, deepening relationships, and making new ones.

Guatemala Women’s Mission Trip

Join us Jan. 20-27 to serve Mayan women in Guatemala. This is your chance to develop impactful relationships, share your personal story, and facilitate small group Bible studies. Interest meeting on Nov. 15 at 12:45 pm in room 204. Learn more and register online!

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