Walking Justly!, Nov. 26-Dec. 2

Isaiah 1:4, 21-23; 3:14-15; 58:6-7

Discussion Questions

  1. What is the relationship between right worship and just relationships? How might this principle be lived out in your life?
  2. Define the two crisis categories: relief & rehabilitation? Where do you see these being used appropriately? Inappropriately?
  3. Define development? Where are you using development principles in walking with others?
  4. Where have you seen relief or rehabilitation used in situations calling for development?
  5. Why is paternalism so damaging? Where is it easy to fall into this practice?
  6. How should we walk with fellow image bearers of God in a dignified way? What is the core goal?


Right Worship or Just Relationships?

Material God                   God-complexes                      Feelings of                             Harm to Both

Definition             +         of Materially                       Inferiority of          =            Materially Poor

of Poverty                         Non-Poor                                Materially Poor                     and Non-Poor

Principles and Practices for walking with low-income people




Paternalism – habitually doing for others what they are able and responsibility to do for


The goal is restored Image Bearers using their gifts, abilities, and capacity to steward

their lives, in order to bring glory to God.

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