Herod vs. The Magi, Dec. 10-16

Matthew 2:1-12

Discussion Questions

  1. What’s one of your favorite Christmas traditions, foods or songs? And why?
  2. Why were the Magi following the star?
  3. How does Herod react to the Magi? What does he want to find out? What are his emotions? Do you think he is being honest in verse 11?
  4. How would you contrast how the Magi and Herod respond to the star and the birth of the Child-King?
  5. How do the Magi worship the Child? What are their emotions? Their actions?
  6. How could we worship Jesus more like the Magi?
  7. This Christmas how could we be less Herod-like and more Magi-like?



Follow the Star

Herod –wants to be his own star

Magi – follow Christ’s star


Find the Child

Magi – thrilled by Him

Herod – threatened by Him


Worship the Child-King

Magi – overjoyed, worship Him with great gifts

Herod – disturbed, resist Him in selfish anger


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