Believe In Jesus . . . And Be At Peace, Feb. 11-17

Discussion Questions

  1. Read John 14:1. What things trouble your heart?
  2. Read John 14:1-4. How does Jesus comfort his disciples? What is the “place” he is describing? How does knowing our destiny comfort you in your troubles?
  3. Read John 14:5-6. What does Jesus claim about himself? How is he the way, truth and life? What are implications of this truth?
  4. Read John 14:7-11. What else does Jesus claim about himself? Describe the relationship of the Father and Jesus?
  5. Read John 14:12-14. What does Jesus say will be true of believers in him? What do you think these “works” could be?
  6. What is Jesus promising about prayer, and how does this promise relate to what he says about believers in verse 12?
  7. Do you believe in Jesus? How could you better do his “works” in his power? Specifically, who are you helping to find Jesus? To follow Jesus?


Envision our destiny in Jesus

  • Jesus promises to bring us to a place he is preparing


Engage God through Jesus

  • Jesus is the way, the truth and the life
  • Jesus shows us the Father in his words and works
  • Jesus is in the Father and the Father is in him


Embrace our mission for Jesus

  • Jesus promises that believers will do greater works


 What’s Happening



The Four Practices (Academy Course)

Have you ever heard that you have an exciting role to fill as a member of God’s family? Your “all-out” participation is invaluable as we link arms together for God’s kingdom! This course will teach you how to get engaged in God’s family business.

Work Team in Spain

Get your hands dirty in the Spanish foothills of the Pyrenees mountains by helping L’Arcada Christian Camp and Conference Center prepare for over 1,000 children coming to learn about Jesus. Cost: $2700. Dates: April 27-May 5. Register online.

Student Mission Trips

Students, do something special with your summer by serving on a mission trip to Kansas City, Mexico, or Peru! These trips are open to any high school or middle school student eager to demonstrate the love of Jesus to others. Learn more online!

Camp His Way

Camp His Way is June 11-15! Designed for those who have completed 1st-5th grade, this is an exciting opportunity for kids to connect with God, enjoy nature, and have a blast with their friends. Public registration will open March 5. An informational parent meeting will be held on March 4 at 1:00 pm in Room 206. Cost is $330. If you would like to sponsor a scholarship for a child to attend, please write “CHW Scholarship” on the memo line of your check​.

Lord’s Supper Volunteers

The Lord’s Supper Team plays a significant role in contributing to our worship experience here at CF and we are looking for volunteers who would love to be a part of serving on this team.  If you are interested, please contact Belinda Soto at for more information.  

Big, Bad, Burly

Big Bad Burly is a guys-only retreat for students where we’ll take time to get away, shoot each other with paintballs, camp out, and discuss true manhood as God defines it! There are a lot of struggles in our daily life. Let’s get away and spend time with Jesus. Learn more and register online.

The Getaway

The Getaway is for middle school and high school girls, and moms are invited to join! Between ice cream sundaes, a special speaker, indoor ropes course, and bonding opportunities, it’s sure to be a great weekend! At The Getaway, we’ll share about what it looks like to follow Jesus as a godly woman and have FUN at the same time. Learn more and register online. 


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